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A single platform to manage all follow-ups

Because it is easy to use, TRACE is the tool par excellence for reporting and quickly taking charge of all situations that require follow-up. TRACE centralizes the follow-ups to be done and avoid losing them. It can be easily used by field employees (even those who only have a cell phone) to report unusual situations.

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How to identify a situation that could be managed with TRACE?

The situation includes at least one of the following points:

  • It cannot be managed by the systems in place
  • It requires sending emails to follow up
  • It requires a series of actions and the participation of several people
  • It must be resolved in the short or medium term
  • Because its follow-up is complicated, it causes frustration and dissatisfaction
  • They arise from non-conformities, incidents, equipment breakdowns, complaints, requests or staff turnover

A teams oriented approach

TRACE philosophy involves taking charge of events by teams instead of individual. Consequently, TRACE increases your ability to react quickly to various situations that arise and ensures the availability of a responsible person at all times to carry out concrete actions.

A valuable tool for your organization

With its real time dashboard, TRACE allows you to keep track of follow-ups and avoids missing one. Furthermore, the system increases your team’s responsiveness and frees up time that can be invested in achieving your goals.

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Access TRACE, anywhere

The web application is designed for all types of devices. Its ergonomics make it easy to use on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

So you can enjoy all the features of TRACE anywhere, anytime.

Preserve and enhance the know-how of your employees

By storing and accumulating actions related to solving events, TRACE acts as a repository of employee knowledge and expertise. This can be highly beneficial for the company in several ways :

As employees perform actions and solve problems, TRACE captures and documents their expertise. This ensures that valuable knowledge and best practices are not lost when employees retire or leave the company. The accumulated knowledge can be accessed and utilized by current and future employees, contributing to continuity and avoiding knowledge gaps.

The expertise database in TRACE can serve as a valuable resource for training and onboarding new employees. It provides a reference point for learning how to react and solve specific problems or situations effectively. New hires can benefit from the collective experience and insights of past employees, helping them get up to speed more quickly.

The accumulated knowledge within TRACE can be analyzed and used to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. By reviewing the actions taken in various situations, the company can refine its processes, develop standardized approaches, and optimize problem-solving strategies. This iterative learning process can lead to increased efficiency and better outcomes over time.

The expertise database can serve as a valuable resource for decision-making. When faced with similar situations or challenges, employees and managers can refer to the documented actions and solutions in TRACE to make informed decisions. This can help reduce risks, enhance problem-solving capabilities, and promote consistent decision-making across the organization.

Overall, by leveraging TRACE as an asset to accumulate and preserve employee knowledge, the company can benefit from increased efficiency, improved training processes, enhanced decision-making, and continuous improvement.

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Questions & answers

Emails are designed to send a message to one or more people. They were not designed for tracking and cannot be shared with other members of your team in real time. They accumulate in your mailbox and, even if you try to sort them, they cannot be listed according to the priority you want to give them. As a result, emails are limited and ineffective in ensuring proper follow-up and quick resolution of queries that arise.

TRACE is designed to handle situations that require follow-up and actions from other members of your team. It incorporates follow-up and prioritization tools. It allows all those who have a role to play in the resolution of a situation to log their actions and to see what has been done by your colleagues in real time. TRACE motivates your team members to take an active role in problem solving.

To all your departments (HR, sales, purchasing, production, servicing and maintenance, IT, R&D, quality assurance, infrastructure, customer service). As you business grows, more situations you will require a follow-up. The more employees you have in the shop, on the field (Deskless Workforce), the more TRACE will help them.

TRACE is super easy to use. It is particularly useful for ensuring an overall follow-up of complaints, problems that arise and all those situations that cannot be adequately monitored by your current systems. Some use it for work safety audits, others for security guards who report incidents / anomalies during their rounds. Some use TRACE for quality assurance follow-ups and others for factory improvement follow-ups. No matter the field, TRACE makes it possible to measure and track progress in real time.

A CRM is software specialized in monitoring interactions with your customers (marketing, sales, customer services). TRACE specializes in monitoring and resolving situations or events that may come from any departments of your company. It is a simple and versatile software that adapts well to your ways of doing things and avoids sending a multitude of follow-up emails.

Project management software helps plan, manage, and track projects. TRACE helps manage situations that arise and require short-term intervention and follow-up.

Yes, we offer “hosting supported by you” and “hosting supported by us” mode. If you want to provide hosting, we will send you the technical specifications to meet and we will do the initial installation. You will then have full control of the hosting of your TRACE license.

If you don’t want to manage a server and the inherent security, we offer competitive priced full hosting on a server located in Canada. A SAAS version will eventually follow.

Absolutely! An easy-to-use API module is offered for this purpose. The module comes with complete online documentation.

Furthermore, with the Multipass feature, third-party systems can seamlessly authenticate users on TRACE using their original email addresses, thereby eliminating the need for any user database synchronization.


« What we love about TRACE is its simplicity and the speed at which it reports events and provides appropriate follow-ups. TRACE met our needs right from the start. We use it for managing our communications and for certain follow-ups. I recommend TRACE to all organizations that want to improve the flow and sharing of information in order to enhance their performance. »

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Cédric Chouinard
Director of Operations/Clinic

« In our factory, we face multiple maintenance requests that need to be addressed by our mechanics. Managing the tracking and prioritization of these tasks can be quite challenging. However, with TRACE, everything becomes simpler and more accessible. Whether it’s for our mechanics, supervisors, or directors, we now have all the necessary information at our fingertips, accessible from a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

TRACE has an intuitive graphical interface that provides us with an overview of task progress at a glance. We can easily track the status of each maintenance request, which helps us make informed decisions and better organize our interventions.

I highly recommend TRACE to anyone who, like us, needs to improve the tracking and handling of maintenance requests. Thanks to this software, we have become more efficient, leading to overall better productivity in our factory. »

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Pierre Bernard
Senior Project Manager

« I receive multiple calls and emails every day for repair and maintenance requests regarding our buildings. It’s challenging for me to keep track and follow up on all these requests. However, the TRACE application keeps all my requests and follow-ups in one place. It reduces my response time, expedites my handling of tasks, and allows my colleagues to track my interventions. TRACE is very user-friendly on my smartphone. I love this application and highly recommend it to those, like me, who work outside the office. »

Michel Breton
Manager of Real Estate Maintenance Works

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