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TRACE 1.24 now available

Discover the brand-new version of TRACE. With significant improvements and new features, this update transforms the way you interact with TRACE.

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Release Notes

1.24 - 24 May 2024

  • Administrative data (categories, teams, sectors, tags, etc.) can be translated into the different languages of the system
  • [AI] The content of events and actions can be automatically translated into the user's language at the time of reading
  • The user's preferred language can be chosen in the profile
  • The different languages of the system can now be configured in the administration
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) via email can be enabled to further secure user accounts
  • Added a new type of tag allowing the addition of hyperlinks (URLs)
  • Added a new yes/no field type in forms
  • Improvement of the form creation interface to greatly simplify its usage
  • Modification of the action creation interface to simplify the use of the form
  • Modification of default filters for the follow-up list
  • Possibility to register event tags to be filled in during follow-up, not only during event creation
  • Possibility to group category tags to name and separate their use
  • Redesigned the event interface to add tag groups
  • Added a search field through the various administrative interfaces to assist in management
  • [API|BI] Added API endpoint to extract data into business intelligence applications (e.g., Power BI)

1.23 - 24 January 2024

  • Publicly accessible forms can be created to generate events without requiring a user account
  • [API] The Multipass protocol can now be used to connect users from a third-party system
  • [AI] Three categories of events are now suggested when creating an event
  • [AI] AI transcription is now faster and offers the option to choose the spoken language
  • The audio file of the transcription is preserved through the event files
  • Tags can now be assigned an order within categories
  • Redesigned the dashboard interface to modernize and improve data understanding
  • Improved the interface for viewing files
  • Enhanced selection fields by adding a search section on mobile

1.22 - 15 November 2023

  • Addition of browser push notifications for real-time updates on most devices
  • Redesigned the notifications interface to improve user experience
  • Tags can now be required when creating an event
  • The last modification date is now used to order events in the list
  • It is possible to notify a user directly from the menu on an event page
  • The dashboard now includes more filters to refine the search
  • Improvement of event printing on mobile
  • The type of a follow-up can be changed directly from viewer to contributor and vice versa
  • It is now possible to continue contributing to a follow-up from one's team even if it has been marked as resolved
  • An administrator can force the reset of users' passwords