TRACE Features

Explore the efficiency of TRACE through a selection of features, highlighting the strengths of this unique solution.


The dashboard provides an overview of the events collected, supported, and completed in TRACE. At a glance, it shows the status of your events and the progress of your teams.

Status of reported events

Explore the real-time status of reported events within the selected range. This section provides a quick view of the number of events by status, allowing for an instant assessment of the distribution between resolved, unresolved, and untracked events.

Additionally, track the overall progression of events over time based on their status, providing you with a dynamic perspective on event evolution. Stay informed and make informed decisions for effective management.

Progression of follow-ups by team

Explore the performance of each team through event tracking. View the total number of events assigned to each team for an overall view of the workload per team.

Additionally, the team list allows you to discover the precise breakdown between completed, supported, and new events. This detailed view enables a quick assessment of the operational efficiency of each team, facilitating strategic decision-making to optimize the use of your resources and improve overall management of reported events.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into TRACE enhances your experience by simplifying tasks, providing personalized recommendations, and improving your results.

Title Generator

Use artificial intelligence to create titles that effectively summarize the reported event. This feature ensures that your events grab attention while remaining informative.

Event Category Identifier

Use artificial intelligence to suggest the top 3 categories based on the provided event description. This allows you to organize your information efficiently without manually performing tedious classification. Save time and optimize your workflow with this intuitive feature.


Provides a quick and accurate solution for automatically converting audio to text. Whether you’re in the office, on the go, or in a factory, this feature allows you to obtain a textual transcription instantly. The audio recording is retained as a reference if needed.

Web Forms

TRACE offers the ability to design web forms. These forms can be inserted into your website or another system to generate events in TRACE. The forms allow customers or individuals outside your organization to report events without needing to be created in TRACE.

Form Generator

Allows you to create custom forms that are publicly accessible. You can easily assign a name, description, category, and sector to the form.

Furthermore, you can enrich the form by adding various fields tailored to your needs, such as text fields with multiple formats, choice fields, date and time fields, and the ability to include attachments.

This flexibility enables full customization of the questionnaires, providing a solution adaptable to a variety of information collection needs.

Generated Form

After creation, the form will be accessible via a generated link. The “Integration” section will facilitate the integration process by offering several options according to your specific needs.

Submitting the form will generate a new TRACE event. The entered data will be clearly displayed in the description of this new event, providing complete traceability of the collected information.

Advanced Search

TRACE offers an advanced search feature to explore all events in the system and to extract insights from your data. You have the flexibility to refine your searches by specifying various criteria such as teams, categories, sectors, statuses, and even keywords.

This feature is accessible from the dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of system activity. Additionally, it is also available in follow-ups, allowing for in-depth analysis of events.

Thus, TRACE’s advanced search functionality is a comprehensive solution for efficiently exploring, filtering, and understanding the event history.


Stay at the heart of the action by staying informed about reported events and actions taken by your teams. Receive real-time alerts to not miss any crucial event.

Notification Panel

Stay informed about new events in your teams or actions taken through the TRACE notification panel. A simple and effective way to visualize and access all events that require your attention.

Push Notifications

Receive instant real-time alerts on all your devices connected to TRACE. Stay informed about key events and benefit from instant alerts to act quickly.

API Module

TRACE includes an Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates communication and interconnection between TRACE and your other software systems (ERP, CRM, etc.).
This module offers complete flexibility and easy integration of TRACE into your IT ecosystem.


The Multipass feature allows third-party systems to seamlessly authenticate users on TRACE (Single Sign-On), using their original email addresses from their system, thus eliminating the need for any user database synchronization.

In practice, the Multipass feature allows a user to transition from a system like an ERP, CRM, or another system to TRACE and vice versa without having to enter their credentials each time.